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The Hilltop Centre is a sustainable project in the heart of the community which has the aim of delivering a wide range of educational, training and skills development for all members of the community. The project is fully supported by the Sir Thomas Wharton Academy as well as  many other partners. The site includes vocational activities for students from the College and a pre-school childcare facility provided through Buttons Day Nursery. There are lots of ways to start your  Hilltop experience and our team of dedicated volunteers will be on hand to assist and guide you throughout.

By working with a range of partners, we seek to re-engage learners with the education and training system and to raise skill levels as well as capacity of people within the local community.

The Edlington Hilltop Centre is making a major contribution to the regeneration of the local community. It does this through the development and expansion of community learning provision, and through the re-engagement and encouragement of disaffected young learners, as well as new adult learners into an education and training environment. Provision is made to include groups such as the long-term unemployed and women returnees wishing to ‘up-skill’.

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