Sir Thomas Wharton Academy


Vision & Values

Embracing the Sir Thomas Wharton Way: Our Co-operative Academy Vision and Values

Vision & Values Statement:

The ‘Sir Thomas Wharton Way’ is to provide a personalised education in a safe environment promoting self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning, through which we will develop together as life-long learners and socially responsible citizens.

College Motto:

‘Learning for Life – Succeeding Together.’

We value:

  • High expectations in both academic and personal achievement which is recognised and celebrated;
  • Relationships secured through Honesty and tolerance, where individual differences are respected and students and adults are partners in learning;
  • Caring for Others in an ordered, safe and supportive community, free from bullying and harassment in which individuals are given the opportunity to develop Self-responsibility, self-discipline and self-worth;
  • Learning which is relevant to our needs, challenging, enjoyable and varied including the use of new technologies and which allows us to be creative and enterprising;
  • Self-help whereby our community learns how to learn, think, ask questions, solve problems, make thoughtful decisions and be self-evaluative;
  • The acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to further and higher education, adult life and employment in a rapidly changing world;
  • A broad, rich and flexible curriculum which takes account of prior learning and experiences and through Solidarity enables individuals to progress and fulfil their potential;
  • Democracy and Openness in collaborative relationships with parents, carers, students, staff, community, constituencies plus business partners and other educational providers;
  • A college centered in Equality and Equity in which a person’s chances of success are not related to their disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or faith and sexual orientation.
  • A college with Social Responsibility that extends to its local community, encourages pride and contributes to social and economic regeneration.