Humber Learning Consortium

Humber Learning Consortium

At Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) we are passionate about learning. We believe that voluntary and community organisations are best placed to work with hard-to-reach learners and make a positive difference to their lives and aspirations.

Established in 2001, HLC acts as management and quality hub for learning and skills providers across the Humber and Yorkshire. We provide a “single port of call” so that funders can engage efficiently and effectively with our delivery partners and in particular, with voluntary organisations.

Through a partnership approach, HLC strengthens the learning and skills supply chain, developing and supporting our delivery partners so they can access and deliver contracts that would ordinarily be out of their reach. We are more than just a fund manager though. We have a fundamental commitment to disadvantaged learners and an exceptional focus on the development of our delivery partners.

HLC’s partnership approach has made us one of the region’s most successful ESF learning and skills providers, as well as the largest Community Learning provider in the Humber sub-region, outside of the local authorities.

Our current product and service portfolio includes:

  • Management of contracts on behalf of our delivery partners
  • Quality improvement advice and support (Common Inspection Framework / OFSTED)
  • Data management services
  • Continuing professional development
  • E-marketing services
  • Provision of bespoke virtual learning environments and micro-sites