Edlington Children’s Centre

Edlington Children's Centre

As part of our partnership with the Edlington Hilltop Centre we can provide Mums, Dads and Carers with numerous clubs, groups, courses and activities with the aim of improving life chances and skills. Why not ask for a referral on your next visit or simply call in to the Centre which is next door to the Children’s Centre. Just follow the ‘Jigsaw Pieces for Adult Learning.’

Edlington Children’s Centre is a friendly and welcoming place for everyone. Our aim is to enhance the lives of children and families from across the community, within a safe and positive environment. We provide lots of opportunities for families to have fun and learn valuable life skills in the process. We also provide lots of other support to help families grow and prosper.

As a Children’s Centre, we work together with different agencies within the local community to provide a joined up service to children and their families. For example, we work together with schools, health professionals, adult education service’s and early year’s services such as nurseries and numerous other agencies.

As well as providing services at the Children’s Centre, other groups and services are offered from a range of venues within Edlington, Loversall, Wadworth and Warmsworth. These include schools and community venues, and in doing this we endeavour to make our services accessible to all.

Our Play and Development Team creates a quality play and learning environment for all children and their families, working within the Centre and out in the community. We support and empower parents in their important role as their child’s first educator. Best practice is assured by using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

Our Family Support Team offers a professional and empathic approach to supporting families who need encouragement, support and guidance. We offer a range of services which include parenting support programmes, and adult learning support. We will also signpost to other agencies so that we can offer a package of care that will reflect a needs-led service. We cover the whole of Edlington and parts of Warmsworth.

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