Community Health Team

The Martinwells Centre Edlington

Our Community Health team work within the Edlington Martinwells Centre at Edlington and are working hard to improve the lives of every patient who accesses the services of:

  • The Edlington GP Practice.
  • The Nayar GP Practice.
  • The I.J. Kellam Dental Practice.

We help patients to rate and review the care they receive from each practice using the iWantGreatCare friends and family test, which helps the practices and comissioners of health and social care services at the Martinwells Centre to improve them and ensure that the needs of the community are being met. So far in the last 12 months we have helped over 1300 residents as part of this service.

We also help patients to:

  • Register on Patient Access – Online prescription and appointment bookings.
  • Understand and use NHS Choices.
  • Understand the importance of accessing credible and reliable health information.
  • Undertake the Friends & Family – using iWantGreatCare or NHS Choices.

We also provide a community help service which links patients into other services and support. This can be from a huge variety of sources and many are completly free such as:

Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Smart Water, Benefits Advice, Wellbeing Services, Trussell Trust Food Bank Vouchers, Neighbourhood Services, Clubs, Classes, Courses, Bereavement Advice, Home Adaptions, Taster Sessions for Dance Classes, Community Care Alarms, Home Energy Advice, Stop Smoking Sessions, Blue Badges, Winter Packs, Sanction Advice, Door Spy Holes, Radar Keys, Windows and Door Alarms, Budgeting Advice, Autism Activities for Adults, Children’s Activities, Depression and Anxiety Support etc. The list is endless.

All of these services are provided through partnerships with local organisations such as Edlington Community Organisation, South Yorkshire Hotspots and Edlington Children’s Centre. 


The Community Health Project has been so successful that in May 2015 we received national recognition from The Tinder Foundation and NHS England and became a National Flagship Centre and UK NHS Pathfinder Project. Contact us on 01709 863268 to find out more about the service or to access our referral service.