Altogether 4 Autism

Altogether 4 Autism

Altogether For Autism (AT4A) is a social and advocacy group based in Doncaster, for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We are an independent self funding group, staffed by unpaid volunteers and set up to address the needs of adults with autism in the Doncaster area. All of the activities are provided by us through the kind donations made to us and our own fund raising efforts.

The purpose of the charity is to provide social activities and personal development opportunities for adults, on the autistic spectrum and aged 18+. The group aim is to raise the confidence and self-esteem of its members through such activities and to reduce feelings of isolation. Because we feel such people are an important part of this aim, we also welcome the families, friends, and carers of our members.

It is also the aim of the group to raise public awareness of Autism / Aspergers and to promote community cohesion.

Visit theĀ Altogether 4 Autism website.