Centre News Update – September 2015

This month marks the 85th Anniversary of the opening of the Hilltop School, which was originally built in 1930, later to become the Hilltop Centre in 2002.  The Hilltop School was built to cater for the rapid growth of the Community, during a period when the Yorkshire Main Colliery was increasing the production of coal in the years leading up to the 2nd World War.  Families from all across the UK were relocating to Edlington to take up new jobs in the Colliery.

Edlington Hilltop School 1930

We are very excited to announce that on this special anniversary the National Lottery have accepted our bid to begin the first phase of major renovations and redevelopment of the Hilltop Centre.  Through an “Awards for All” grant of £10,000, we will commission John Hill Architect’s to produce the detailed blue print, cost plans and feasibility studies needed for the redevelopment of the entire estate.

National Lottery - Big Lottery Funded

The Hilltop Centre has played a major role in the community since it was originally built, but the building itself has remained almost unchanged.  We hope this first step will enable us to provide a community venue that the community can continue to rely on for another 85 years.

As part of the project we will be inviting local residents to join a community panel to work in partnership with our Architect to help design the new look, features and facilities for the buildings future.  If you would like to be involved please contact our Community Officer Robert Reid on 01709 863268.

Community Volunteer Scheme

During the past month we have welcomed 7 new volunteers to our dedicated team of over 30+ residents from across the district, who give some of their time to help with our exciting projects.  We still have roles available, so why not give us a call on 01709 863268 and have an informal chat with our Volunteer Support Officer Rob Smedley, who will talk you through the options available.  We have roles ranging from 4 hours onwards so we may have something just for you.

Community Allotment – Wellbeing Project

The Hilltop Centre is about to start work on a new project which will enable us to provide local residents with the chance to help out in our new Community Allotment.  The Edlington Community Allotment Committee have given us permission to take on a large allotment, which will be accessible from the Hilltop Centre, and enable us to provide valuable social activities for residents with light activities, company and socialisation following illnesses.

We also know that many people would love to keep an allotment, but either don’t want to take on the responsibility or don’t have the skills they need to be confident at the very beginning.  We are hoping this project will enable residents to come along and take part in activities on our community allotment and then decide they would like to take up one of their own.  If not, to have the option to get involved every now and then.

We hope to grow fruit and vegetables for the community, as well as bedding plants to brighten up the grounds of the Hilltop Centre and then eventually to provide flower displays around the wider community.  To get involved please contact Rob Smedley on 01709 863268 choosing option 1.

Activities, Groups and Classes

*New for Monday’s 1:00pm to 3pm – Craft Corner Club.  This month our class will be learning how to make quilts using a sewing machine.  Quilting is a fun and practical way to pass time. You can be as creative as you like, and you will finish with a blanket to keep you warm at night and pass down to your children or grandchildren.  Fabrics and materials are provided with FREE tea and coffee.  £2.00 per session.

*New for Wednesday’s 12:00pm to 2:00pm – Upcycling, Recycling and Repurposing Club.  Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. Come along to learn how to upcycle your old fabrics into new items for yourself or home.  You will also learn how to safely operate and maintain a sewing machine.  Fabrics and materials are provided with FREE tea and coffee.  £2.00 per session.

Hilltop Tutor Jackie Prepares Fabrics for Upcycling

Community Health Project & The Martinwells Centre Patient Participation Group

The Martinwells Centre Edlington

Our Community Health Champions have been busy helping patients to rate the care they receive at the Edlington GP Practice, The Nayar GP Practice and the I.J. Kellam Dental Practice this month.  Using the www.iWantGreatCare.org “Friends and Family Test” patients are able to give honest feedback about every aspect of their experience at the surgeries.   Out of a possible 5 star rating, The Edlington Practice currently have 5 stars, The Nayar Practice have 4.5 stars and the I.J.Kellam Dental Practice have 5 stars.

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) was created to help service providers and commissioners understand whether their patients are happy with the service provided, or where improvements are needed. It is a quick and anonymous way to give your views after receiving care or treatment across the NHS.

If you would like to take part please speak to our champions between 9:30am and 11:30am in the “Choose and Book Room.”  Don’t forget you can still access our referral service for community led and free services being offered by our partner organisations such as Edlington Community Organisation and South Yorkshire Hotspots and here at the Hilltop Centre.

If you prefer to take part in a telephone referral please ring 01709 863268 and speak to Leigh Calladine on option 4 to access the help you need.

September Panel Meeting:  The September Panel meeting took place on 30th September, after the Magazine went to press.  Look out for our update in October.

Egbot Delivers “The NHS National Information Board”

As a UK NHS Pathfinder Project we have been working with the Health and Social Care Information Centre to develop the new digital NHS services that people from all across the UK will eventually be able to use, saving people time and making health care services more accessible and easy to use.

We watched ‘Egbot’ (a cartoon patient) in the video above – stumble across NHS England’s ‘future digital world’ after a gust of wind took away his paper prescription – we helped Egbot to set out the NHS’s new digital priorities of the future.

Edlington “Smiles” Better

We will soon be working with local primary school children in partnership with our fantastic dental team at I.J. Kellam Dental Surgery.  We will be giving the children their very own V.I.P. visit to the see the dentist, the opportunity to explore the surgery, have a special check-up and a goodie bag to help them look after their teeth and oral hygiene.

Practice Manager Phil Hicken and Leigh Calladine our Community Health Co-ordinator have been developing the scheme to improve the overall dental health of the entire community and it is hoped parents and carers (grandparents too) will be able to take part in the visits to encourage the children to look after their teeth.

In 2013 a survey of 5 year old’s in the UK, showed that 46% had signs of obvious and extensive dentine decay in primary teeth.  Let’s “smile” better and improve this in our community.

Missed Appointments:  Please remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot attend, so that another patient can be offered the chance to see the GP, Nurse or Nurse Practitioner.

Become a Member of our Panel:  Pick up a membership form from your practice or the Hilltop Centre today.

Contact Your Panel:  Please feel free to contact Robert Reid (Chair), Pam Chambers (Vice Chair) or Leigh Calladine (Secretary) on 01709 863268 (option 4) to discuss the panel or your experiences at the practices.