#NHSWDP Twiddle Muff Challenge

The Knit and Natter group here at the Edlington Hilltop Centre have been putting their digital skills to the test this week, and have been researching on the internet for new idea’s for their latest project.

Pam Chambers of the Edlington Hilltop Centre Knit & Natter Group
Pam Chambers with her Prototype Twiddle Muff

They have discovered the “Twiddle Muff” project that aims to help patients with Dementia in hospital wards across the UK.  Twiddle Muffs are used to provide simple stimulation for hands and have proven useful for patients living with dementia, who are often restless and need reassurance.

Twiddle Muff Project at the Edlington Hilltop Centre Knit & Natter Group

Rising to the challenge the group are now making “Twiddle Muffs” that will be donated to the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals in the coming months.  Why not come along on Friday mornings, between 9:30am and 12:30pm and help out with the project.

Community How To

Community How To is a site, managed by Tinder Foundation, that brings together top digital tools under one roof, alongside case study recommendations by the community workers already putting them to good use.

Community How To

The site was created in partnership with Nominet Trust as a way of helping community organisations – like the Edlington Hilltop Centre which is a nationally recognised UK Online Centre – to make the most of online tools and digital technology to help them do more amazing work in their local communities.

It allows members to add tools they’ve discovered and comment on tools already on the site, and it can help you to find the support you need to do anything, from managing events and projects, to recruiting volunteers, and even improving fundraising.

Why not take a look by clicking this link to see what digital tools you could use to support your community group or organisation.

Click Here To Access “Community How To.”

ESG Maths & English Celebration Event

The Hilltop Centre has been running very successful Maths & English functional skills courses over the last 6 months in partnership with the Employment & Skills Group, which have been accessed by more than 50 local residents seeking to up-skill to the very latest ways of understanding and applying Maths & English in everyday life.

We are very proud that numerous residents are now passing exams with around 2 levels of progress in their functional skills, with some having no previous qualifications making this an important personal achievement.  We wanted to recognise everybody’s success and held a celebration event at the Hilltop Centre on Thursday 21st May to present learners with their new qualifications.

ESG Maths & English Celebration
L-R Jackie (Learner), Rachel Davie (Assistant Volunteer Co-ordinator), Rob Smedley (Volunteer Co-ordinator), Jessie Biggs (ESG Maths and English Specialist) and Paula Wolstenholm (Learner).

Course Tutor Jessie Biggs said “Working at the Edlington Hilltop Centre has been a wonderful experience.  There is a vibrant atmosphere with staff, volunteers and centre users all working together, to help each other.  It has been a pleasure to see local people progressing and achieving new qualifications.  I am very proud of everyone who has attended my classes and I am certain that their new qualifications will be of huge benefit to them in the future.”

You still have time to register for Maths and English Functional skills classes up until the end of June, so be sure to call 01709 863268 to secure your place.  Choose option 2 to register for courses.

ESG Math and English Qualifications at the Edlington Hilltop Centre

Re-purposing & Recycling Class Success!

Our “Re-purposing and Recycling” sewing classes here at the Hilltop Centre have been running for the past 4 weeks and have proven to be a huge success.   There are now over 10 regulars attending the group, who have all been making a number of brand new items from a variety of recycled fabrics such as old jeans and curtains.

Repurposing and Recycling Group Knitting Kit BagRepurposing and Recycling Group Knitting Bag Repurposing and Recycling Group Old Fabrics

Jackie our group tutor has done a fantastic job in setting up this new class and she would like to welcome more residents from around the community to come along and join the group and get involved in the re-purposing revolution.  You will learn how to:

  • Use and maintain a sewing machine safely
  • Research idea’s for re-purposing designs using the internet
  • Plan patterns and prepare blueprints for your new object
  • Make the objects following your patterns

We now have a total of 4 sewing machines and lots of fabrics to support the classes.  If you have an old or unused machine that needs a new home, please let us know as this will enable more local people to get involved with the classes.

Each class costs just £1.50 with FREE tea and coffee, so why not come along for a try out. Your first session is FREE.  Classes run every Thursday mornings between 9:30am and 11:30am.  Call 01709 863268 and choose option 2 to register for the classes.

Repurposing and Recycling Group Design Stage


Edlington Hilltop Centre “Community Prize Bingo Club” Coming Soon

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching a “Community Prize Bingo Club” here at the Edlington Hilltop Centre, every Monday night between 6pm and 8pm.  Lot’s of Centre users have requested this in surveys over the last 12 months so we are very pleased to be able to run the Bingo to see how we go.

Please let us know if your interested by calling 01709 863268 and then choosing “option 2” to register your name.  See you very soon, so keep those dabbers on standby!  You may even want to play along on a computer and pick up some digital skills too.  “Lets Get Digital” #GOLW2015 #BISWDP

Edlington Hilltop Centre Prize Bingo Club